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The Himalayan Foothills


Spanning northern India, the Himalayas act as a natural border with neighbouring China, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan and Bhutan. Whilst the highest mountains such as Kanchenjunga and Nanda Devi whose peaks rise above 7,800 metres are inaccessible to most, by spending time in the foothills, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of these snowcapped giants. If you venture to Shimla, north of Delhi you will find reminders of British life at the time of the Raj. Rishikesh has a far older legacy and has been drawing Hindu pilgrims for centuries.



Just at the point where the Himalayas start to ascend out of the plains, Rishikesh sits on the banks of the sacred Ganges. Year round pilgrims come to worship at the temples which line the banks, joining the evening Aarti ceremonies on the ghats led by saffron robed monks. They stay in the ashrams in the town, many of which have lovely gardens where you are free to wander and learn a little about the simple way of life before attending a service on the ghats. The surrounding scenery is stunning with the wooded hills rising steeply from the river valley.



Shimla is the former summer capital of the Raj. From 1865 until 1939 the government would move up to the cooler climate each summer.You can still arrive on the toy train constructed to enable this exodus from the plains. It is a full day’s journey from Delhi with an express train for the first section before taking the narrow gauge railway. You will still find signs of earlier Colonial times, such as the Mall, interesting churches, the old theatre and characterful half timbered bungalows, although the town has developed around them.



Home to the dazzling Golden Temple, this is the jewel of the Punjab. Amritsar, meaning ‘pool of the Nectar of Immortality’, is named after the sacred pool in the Golden Temple. A pilgrimage to bathe in the holy water is a duty every Sikh aspires to at least once in their lifetime. Visitors will find the sense of peace and tranquility a welcome haven from the bustling city outside. From Amritsar, a visit to the India-Pakistan border, known as Attari-Wagah is a fascinating experience where, every evening, the dramatic ceremony of the changing of the guards and the lowering of the flags is carried out.


Jim Corbett National Park

A six hour drive north east of Delhi will bring you to Corbett, the point where the plains start to rise into the Himalayan foothills. The park is a mixture of woodland, river and open grassland, with several entrances into the park to ensure not all visitors are clustered in the same area. You can expect to see sambar, barking deer, antelope and various birdlife. Elephant and crocodile are often seen in and around the river.



Taj Swarna, Amritsar

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The Himalayan Foothills, India
Opened in 2017, Swarna is already standing out as the best hotel in Amritsar. Located among the high-end shopping malls in the north of the city, Swarna is 30 minutes’ drive through the old town to the Golden Temple.

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The Himalayan Foothills, India
About 45 minutes above Rishikesh, Ananda has unrivalled views of the forested mountains and valley and at times, you may hear the religious chants floating up the hillside, particularly in the valley view rooms.


Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

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The Himalayan Foothills, India
Located on the famous Mall with renowned views, the hotel is over 100 years old and is set around an atrium where real fires are lit regularly and you can enjoy tea or a drink from the bar. The 79 bedrooms retain their wood floors and panelling.

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The Himalayan Foothills, India
On the site of Lord Kitchener's home, a 45 minute drive from Shimla, this stylish hotel has recreated the colonial ambiance of a grand home. All bedrooms look out onto cedar and pine woods and have the luxury of butler service.

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The Himalayan Foothills, India
Set on the edge of Jim Corbett National Park, this rustic yet comfortable camp aims to evoke the spirit of Jim Corbett, arguably India’s most renowned naturalist, with unforgettable visits into the park.

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