Our Expert Team

Mark Harwood

mark.harwood@kirkerholidays.comTeam Leader and Senior Reservations Consultant

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Modern Languages, Mark has since lived and worked in Spain, France, Germany and Thailand. He is an avid traveller and has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia.

William Blackburn

william.blackburn@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

William came to Kirker following a Master’s degree in Art History and work in the Heritage Sector.

Thomas Brown

thomas.brown@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Tom has a background in mediaeval studies, with a particular interest in the Mediterranean world including Greece, Italy and Malta – and the history of the Crusades.

Amanda Boccolini

amanda.boccolini@kirkerholidays.comSenior Reservations Consultant

After leaving school, Amanda joined the family travel agent business, where she first encountered Kirker Holidays. She worked in the travel industry in New Zealand for 6 years, travelling throughout Asia and the USA, before initially joining Kirker in 2000. 

Michael Brewin

michael.brewin@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Michael earned a Masters in Classical Civilisation from Birkbeck, University of London and has a special interest in the ancient worlds of Europe, the Mediterranean and Near East.

Katherine Wales

katherine.wales@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Katherine studied French and Spanish at the University of St Andrews, during which she had the opportunity to live in Orléans, Paris and Madrid.

David White

david.white@kirkerholidays.comKirker Concierge

Ever the adventurer, David has spent most of his adult life living abroad in places as far flung as Japan, Vietnam, Paris and the South of France.

Dominic Rossi

dominic.rossi@kirkerholidays.comReservations Manager

Dominic has worked for Kirker Holidays for many years and during this time has travelled extensively throughout our programme in Europe and North Africa.

Joshua Gibson

joshua.gibson@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Joshua has been imbued with a passion for travel since a three year period in Dubai, and enjoys combining passions for cultural history and travel in his role at Kirker.

Ted Wake

ted.wake@kirkerholidays.comManaging Director

Ted Wake joined Kirker Holidays in 1987 and has been instrumental in helping to establish Kirker as the leading Short Break specialist offering tailor-made holidays.

Jack Penny

jack.penny@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Jack earned a Bachelors in History from the University of Liverpool, specialising in Viking studies and Early Mediaeval Europe. 

Alice Boyle

alice.boyle@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Alice studied History of Art & French at the University of Bristol, where she specialised in the visual culture of the mediaeval Mediterranean.

Sarah Barton

sarah.barton@kirkerholidays.comGraphic Designer & Marketing Executive

A graduate in Illustration, Sarah has a keen interest in the Arts, and enjoys learning more about fine art, music and culture by exploring new destinations around the world.

Casey Williams

casey.williams@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Born and raised in Australia, Casey is passionate about British and European culture, particularly the history of Romania, Switzerland, and Israel.

Lucy Ayling

lucy.ayling@kirkerholidays.comCultural Tours, Sales & Operations Executive

Whilst studying Social Anthropology Lucy spent a year in Bilbao as a language assistant, and during her year in Spain she took the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the country.

Andrew Layard

andrew.layard@kirkerholidays.comProduct & Commercial Director

Andrew joined Kirker in 1992 as a reservations consultant and accepts that it was a much more straight forward role than it is now.

Kathryn Irons

kathryn.irons@kirkerholidays.comTeam Leader and Senior Reservations Consultant

A Fine Art graduate, Kathryn has previously worked as a tour leader in Latin America for 3 years, and lived and worked in Northern Portugal and the Amalfi Coast.

Enrique Novella

enrique.novella@kirkerholidays.comProduct Manager

Ricky has been with Kirker since 1989 and there are not many destinations in our brochures that he has not visited. With family in Valencia as well as Holland, he is an expert on Spain and Portugal in particular, and has also travelled to South Africa, Morocco and many regions of France.

Pat Bellieni

pat.bellieni@kirkerholidays.comSenior Reservations Consultant

A native Venetian, Pat has been Kirker's resident expert of the hidden gems of Venice for many years and can offer a useful insight into the non-tourist side of Italy.

Patrick Millar

patrick.millar@kirkerholidays.comSenior Manager & Head of Marketing

An enthusiastic traveller with a keen interest in European history and culture, Patrick has explored a large part of the continent, including some fascinating parts of Northern Europe.

Ignacio Foley

ignacio.foley@kirkerholidays.comSenior Reservations Consultant

Ignacio joined Kirker in 2005 and has great knowledge of Spain - his parents live in Andalucia. In addition, he has specialist knowledge of many Kirker destinations including cities such as Paris, Berlin and Venice, and more far-flung regions including Oman and Southern Africa.

Hannah Morris

hannah.morris@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Hannah studied French and German and lived in Münster, Germany when she had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany, France and The Netherlands extensively.

Francesca Camplani

francesca.camplani@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Born in Italy, Francesca has travelled extensively throughout Spain and Italy, and has a particular passion for Milan, as well as Lake Iseo and Lake Como where her grandparents live.

Marcus Freeman

marcus.freeman@kirkerholidays.comProduct Manager

As product manager for regions including central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, Greece and the low countries, Marcus has over fifteen years of experience visiting Kirker destinations in Europe to negotiate contracts, inspect new hotels and carefully select the properties which we work with.

Georgina Henderson

georgina.henderson@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Georgie joined the Kirker team to pursue her love of travel and adventure and has explored Europe, the East Coast of the USA and safaris in South Africa and Botswana.

Barry Cheeseman

barry.cheeseman@kirkerholidays.comCultural Tours Senior Executive

Barry Cheeseman has been the Senior Executive of the Kirker Escorted Tours programme for 15 seasons and has been involved in cultural tourism for more than 30 years.

Samuel Wolff

samuel.wolff@kirkerholidays.comReservations Consultant

Travel has always been at the heart of Sam's life, from holidays as a child to exploring cities such as Seville, Salzburg and Prague.

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