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Supported Charities

Venice in Peril

Venice in Peril has worked for over 40 years to help raise money for the protection, preservation and restoration of buildings, monuments and works of art in Venice. Continuing rises in sea level, combined with an increase in the number of cruise ships, pollution and extreme weather cause significant damage to the fabric of the city every year, and threaten the unique collection of historic art and architecture. The sheer quantity unique artistic treasures in Venice, means that funding for restoration and conservation can never reach every corner. Venice in Peril raises vital funds which contribute to saving objects of particular scientific or artistic importance which might otherwise be neglected.

Since 1986, Venice has remained Kirker's favourite and most important destination. An irreplaceable achievement of human history 'La Serenissima' is an eternal favourite of Kirker clients too, who return year after year, whether to explore an as yet undiscovered corner of the city, or to celebrate a special occasion amongst the elegant, beautiful canals and palazzi. Through a number of donations and fundraising events including our joint sponsorship of the annual Venice in Peril lecture at the Royal Geographical Society, Kirker endeavours to raise a significant contribution towards the charity's vital work every year.

For more information on the charity and their current projects, visit: www.veniceinperil.org

fine cell work

Fine Cell Work is a registered charity, which works in a number of prisons throughout the UK to run needlepoint classes for prisoners, whose travel horizons are neccesarily very limited. This work fills the prisoners’ time in a productive manner and the finished work is of a very high standard – it is sold through international auction houses and designer boutiques. The charity also produces a range of needlepoint kits enabling enthusiasts to recreate their range of historically inspired designs at home.

Kirker Holidays is delighted to have been able to support the charity at fundraising events, and in 2014 we commissioned an exclusive new needlepoint cushion design, based on a Kirker watercolour painting of gondolas on the Venetian lagoon – an iconic image of our most popular destination.

This limited edition needlepoint kit is available for purchase at the price of £65, with all proceeds going to Fine Cell Work, to support their valuable work in prisons. Please call 020 7593 2281 for more information.

To learn more about Fine Cell Work, and to browse their collection of needlework kits and tapestry work, visit: www.finecellwork.co.uk

pallant house

One of the UK's most important private art galleries, Pallant House is located in the heart of Chichester. Occupying a listed Queen Anne town house and an award-winning modern extension, the gallery showcases a permanent collection of Modern British art including works by Henry Moore, Peter Sickert and Peter Blake. The exhibition space holds a series of exceptional shows throughout the year, with wide-ranging themes and some wonderful works.

Kirker has supported Pallant House for a number of years through exhibition sponsorship and donations to the Gallery's Catalyst Endowment Fund, which aims to provide a sustainable source of income for the future. Kirker also arranges a series of annual concerts within the gallery, featuring artists including pianist Melvyn Tan and tenor Roderick Williams, in order to raise funds and awareness for the Gallery.

For details of the latest exhibitions and more information on Pallant House, please visit: pallant.org.uk


The Young Classical Artists' Trust, works to support and mentor young classical musicians to help them develop their talent and future careers. Receiving no public funding, the charity provides guidance and management for gifted young artists, and helps to create opportunities for them to perform and find long term engagements. By helping young musicians to realise their ambitions of playing for a living, YCAT enables many to flourish in a way which would be impossible without their support.

Kirker has worked with a number of past and present YCAT artists in our series of exclusive Kirker Music Festivals, and we are delighted to have been able to support the charity both indirectly and through direct donations.

To learn more about YCAT and the current artists visit: www.ycat.co.uk


Founded by Sir Richard Stilgoe and neurologist Dr Michael Swallow, Orpheus uses the performing arts to empower young adults with disabilities by developing communication, social interaction and other independence skills. The charity aims to equip young disabled people with the skills and confidence they need in order to live independent and fulfilling lives.

The Orpheus Centre opened in 1997 at Sir Richard's former family home in Godstone, Surrey, with five disabled students who lived on-site, learning to cook, manage budgets, do laundry and go shopping. They also wrote songs, devised dances and challenged people’s preconceived ideas about disabled people whenever and wherever they performed. More than twenty years later Orpheus has 28 full time students living in independent flats, as well as around 20 day students, and performs in venues all over the country including the Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and The Royal Festival Hall. www.orpheus.org.uk

Horatios Garden

Named after Horatio Chapple, who was killed by a polar bear on an expedition to Svalbard when he was 17, Horatio’s Garden provides custom-designed gardens for spinal injury centres at UK hospitals. Horatio had volunteered at Salisbury Hospital where his father was a spinal surgeon, and discovered that the thing that patients wanted most was a space where they could escape the ward for fresh air. After his death, donations to the charity enabled the construction of special gardens at Salisbury and Glasgow hospitals which have made a huge difference to patients, most of whom are there for a long time and who are bed or wheelchair bound. The next project is to build a garden at the special spinal unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. www.horatiosgarden.org.uk

World Land Trust

The World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. Working through a network of partner organisations around the world, WLT funds the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for habitats and wildlife. Partnerships are developed with established and highly respected local organisations who engage support and commitment among the local community. Kirker works with the WLT to use its Carbon Balanced Paper scheme, offsetting the carbon impact of all printed material including brochures and newsletters through projects which protect and preserve natural environments.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. There are ten principles that any forest operation must adhere to before it can receive FSC forest management certification. These principles cover a broad range of issues, from maintaining high conservation values to community relations and workers’ rights, as well as monitoring the environmental and social impacts of the forest management. All Kirker brochures, newsletters and paper documents are printed on FSC-certified paper. 

Hospital of St Cross

Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester, founded the Hospital of St Cross between 1132 and 1136, creating what is said to be England’s oldest charitable institution. The fine medieval buildings have provided food and shelter for centuries and the principal activity of the Hospital continues to be the provision of individual, private apartments for a living community of about twenty-five elderly men. Through a series of annual fundraising concerts in Winchester, Kirker has supported the Hospital for a number of years, contributing to the significant costs of maintaining the Grade 1 listed buildings including a wonderful Norman church, medieval hall and kitchen, and an elegant Tudor cloister.

Casa Verdi

On 16 December 1899, in a house in Via Manzoni 29 in Milan, Giuseppe Verdi instituted the Rest Home for Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi Foundation (Casa di Riposo per Musicisti - Fondazione Giuseppe Verdi), "in which people of either sex who worked for the Art of Music, who are Italian citizens and who find themselves in a state of poverty will be accommodated and maintained." The first nine Guests entered on 10 October 1902, the year after Verdi’s death, and since then more than a thousand people have lived there: singers, conductors, chorus members, orchestra players, teachers, and dancers. Today, in addition to hosting older musicians, the Casa Verdi supports young music students who are enrolled at music schools in Milan and require financial support. As part of the annual Kirker holiday to the Verdi Festival in Parma, we visit the Casa Verdi to meet the organisers of the work they continue to do, and we continue to support the Foundation. 

foundation William Walton

Kirker has had a long association with the Foundation William Walton created by Lady Walton on the island of Ischia. La Mortella Gardens were created in 1958 by Lady Susana Walton , the wife of the English composer Sir William Walton, who came to the island of Ischia after their marriage in 1949. Lady Walton developed the garden for more than 50 years with the help and advice of the English landscape designer Russell Page. After the death of her husband she opened the garden to the public and created the Fondazione William Walton, with the aim of encouraging the love of music, and preserving the gardens. The Foundation continues to run the Gardens according to the precise instructions left by Lady Walton, after she passed away in 2010. Each year Kirker visits La Mortella, bringing our own musicians to this idyllic setting for a series of private concerts, including one concert staged by the Trust and featuring young musicians from the music schools of Naples, Fiesole, Rome and Avellino.



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