Musée du Louvre

Paris, France
Kirker Holidays

Allow plenty of time to view the wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewellery, etc. in this massive museum (formerly the largest royal palace in France). Enter by the glass pyramid, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, which stands in the courtyard.

Of course, few visit the Louvre without heading for Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, displayed in the elegant Salle des États, where Napoleon III once presided over affairs of state. However, Mona Lisa herself has one of the best views in the room – turn your back on her and you’ll be faced with Veronese’s monumental Wedding Feast at Cana, the largest painting in the museum’s collection and a masterpiece of High Renaissance art. Originally painted to adorn the refectory of the San Giorgio Monastery in Venice, it hung there for 235 years, until Napoleon's French Revolutionary Army plundered the painting in 1797, cutting it into strips and transporting it to Paris where it was reassembled. On 11 September 2007, the 210th anniversary of the looting of the painting, a life-size digital facsimile of the painting was jointly commissioned by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice and the Musée du Louvre. Created by the Factum Arte studio in Madrid, it now hangs in the San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice – a must-see for comparison on your next Kirker holiday to Venice!

The Musée du Louvre, in common with many Paris museums offers free admission on the first Sunday of each month between October - March. Please note it can become very crowded on days when entrance is free.

The Paris Museum Pass, included with your travel documents, gives free admission to the Louvre (along with around 70 museums and monuments in Paris and the surrounding area), but it is essential to book a timed entrance slot for your visit in advance – we recommend first thing in the morning, or perhaps late afternoon, when the large groups have left, but speak to the Kirker Concierge for advice.

The Carrousel shopping gallery is under the museum. To reach the museum, take the Métro to Louvre or Palais Royal. Open 09:00 – 18:00, till 21:45 on Friday. Closed Tuesdays and holidays.


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