Park Güell

Barcelona, Spain
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Park Güell is an exotic and dreamlike landscape of colour and shape in the northern hills of Barcelona. Designed by Gaudi in 1914, it is known to be one of his greatest masterpieces and one of Barcelona’s must-see attractions. Excellent views of the city can be glimpsed from amongst the colourful mosaics and twisting, organic structures.

Located in the northern hills of Barcelona, at 42 acres in size, Park Güell is one of the largest green spaces in the city. The park was designed during Gaudi’s naturalist phase, in which he favoured using the natural curves of nature in his designs rather than the sharp shapes and angles predominantly found in architecture. This influence of the organic form is observed in the park’s abundance of sinuous viaducts, walkways, fountains, benches, columns and arches. The features of the park are brightly decorated with Gaudi’s signature mosaics. Gaudi pioneered a mosaic style called trencadis, literally translating to ‘to break’ in Catalan. This method involves using fragments of shattered tiles and ceramics in mosaics, the irregular size of these pieces better adapting to the curved surfaces of Gaudi’s designs.

The park has underlying serpentine themes, exemplified in the long, winding Serpentine Bench, which offers great views of the city. Additionally, there is the iconic El Drac, a mosaic salamander guarding the park’s gates. Made in Gaudi’s trencadis style, this cheerful reptile is regarded an iconic symbol of Barcelona. Further highlights of Park Güell include the Austria gardens, a plant nursery bursting with greenery, and the Gaudi House Museum, a museum on the premises of Gaudi’s former home.

In the peak summer months the park atrracts large crowds, so we highly recommend visiting during the quieter winter months, or either early in the morning or during the late-opening evenings if you do come in summer.

Opening times

Open daily from 08:00 - 18:15 and until 21:30 in the summer.

Entrance Fees

There is an entrance fee to enter the main part of the park, or you can explore the surrounding gardens free of charge.


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