At the feet of the Sierra de la Mosca, Cáceres is part of the Vía de la Plata, one strand of the Camino de Santiago and has long been an important crossroads. It was settled in prehistoric times and is home to the oldest cave painting in the world, dated to 67,000 years ago, millennia before the advent of Homo sapiens. The Old Town of Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO because of the unique blend of immaculately preserved Roman, Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The city was founded by the Romans, and had important roles during the Arab era – one can still see 30 towers from the Islamic period, of which the Torre del Bujaco is the most famous – and following the Reconquista when local families from Extremadura participated in voyages to the Americas, returning with wealth to fund great palaces and mansions.

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