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To suggest that this extraordinary Caribbean island is different from the others would be something of an understatement. The simple fact of the matter is that Cuba, and in particular Havana, is an astonishing travel experience. You wake in the middle of the night, grinning from ear to ear with a crystal clear picture of a unique Havana scene; blue sky; an 18th century Spanish cathedral as a back-drop; the intoxicating sound of Cuban jazz; the scent of mint from your ice cold mojito; the warm welcoming Cuban smile and the delicate aroma from a fine cigar.

Havana also offers visitors a chance to see world class ballet at their restored 19th century Gran Teatro, outstanding architectural and the National Museum of Modern Art with its breathtaking collection of 20th century Cuban art. A four night holiday here, travelling on Virgin’s direct flight, will be a holiday experience that you will never forget. You should book now to avoid disappointment because this unique, cultural paradise cannot stay the same for ever.

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