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A Weekend In Naples


6 Feb 2019

by The Kirker Team

Kirker Holidays

The third largest city in Italy, after Milan and Rome, and the largest in the south, Naples is well worth a spot on any discerning traveller’s wish list.

Spending a weekend here was a surprising treat for me – I had never imagined Naples to be such a beautiful and intriguing city. With a fascinating history full of different conquerors and rulers, the city’s museums, such as the Archaeological Museum or the Capodimonte Museum, hold a multitude of treasures.

Of course, the home of pizza is also a fantastic place to extend one’s knowledge of Italian gastronomy with excellent food surrounding you – from the humble pizzerias to exciting Michelin star offerings.

A short train journey, or a comfortable Kirker transfer, will take you to the world-famous historical sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and – a little farther south – Paestum. An expert English-speaking guide is essential at all of these sites to help you elude the crowds and understand the history.

Naples itself though is a working Italian city, with locals and visitors all year round. The tourist crowds who visit over the summer usually head for the Sorrentine Peninsula or the Amalfi Coast, but stay in Naples itself – especially during the winter months – and you will find an authentic city with a lively atmosphere, great museums (and shorter queues at Pompeii), if you are willing to forego the sunglasses and shorts.

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