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Enchanting Fez


20 Oct 2023

by The Kirker Team

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Once the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco, Fez is one of the most enchanting cities you might hope to encounter. Steeped in history, its medina walls which once protected the imperial city from intruders, now protect its precious cultural heritage from the invasiveness of modern life.

The medina itself constitutes a living museum; in one neighbourhood, groups of locals operate looms at remarkable speed, while in another, impressively skilled blacksmiths work in harmony around red hot stoves. One of the most remarkable of all crafts can be found at the vast Chouara Tannery. Here, the process of dying leather remains unchanged since the eleventh century, and is a privilege to witness first-hand.

Markets of Fez
The tanneries of Fez

The industrious activity inside the medina is beautifully framed within the city’s architecture. The Bou Inania Madrasa is rich in arabesque detailing and stucco decoration, with muqarnas ceilings to rival those of Andalucía. Its striking minaret forms a key focal point of the city, with the complex itself still very much in use.

While Marrakech receives substantially more attention, Fez is the Morocco you come to see. Although Marrakech will of course continue to attract crowds and delight tourists, Fez remains undeniably one of the most extensive and best conserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world, making it a truly unique destination which should not be overlooked.

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